Parent Participation

Parents are a vital part of the UUMP program, and help the school in several ways.  All parents are scheduled to bring snacks throughout the year.  On two of these days, in addition to bringing snack, parents are scheduled to be “Parent of the Day.”  Being Parent of the Day is a small commitment, only one and a half hours in the classroom, but the benefits and rewards for both parent and child are great!  This a fun opportunity for parents to play and participate in their child’s life at school, and for children to show their parents all they love to do in the classroom.  The Parent of the Day schedule is established, with parents’ input, before the school year begins. Dates may be switched during the year at the parents’ convenience.

Each set of parents must also participate in 10 hours of work per year for the preschool.  There are plenty of opportunities for earning hours.  Opportunities are offered both within school hours (curriculum mornings, substituting for teachers, etc.), and after school hours (playground workdays, parent work nights, take home tasks designated by teachers, etc.). These tasks and time frame (between September and May) are chosen by the parents at their convenience.

By participating in the class twice a year, and working with other parents to complete the 10 hours of service each family greatly enhances the life of the school.  Parent participation helps make UUMP a strong community.