Our Curriculum

The curriculum used by the staff at UUMP is “hands-on” and developmentally appropriate for each age group. It focuses on the whole child, helping each individual develop his or her own unique talents and abilities.  At each age level, children are challenged to acquire increasingly more sophisticated interpersonal and communication skills.

UUMP provides a setting that will encourage each child to:

  • develop interest and joy in learning
  • have feelings of security
  • develop self-expression and self-control
  • develop responsibility and initiative
  • expand fine and gross motor skills
  • develop sensitivity and appreciation of others
  • grow cognitively while encouraging curiosity, autonomy and creativity
  • develop language abilities in speaking, listening and appreciation for written communication
  • explore the natural world and have respect for the environment
  • make a successful transition from the home to a preschool setting


UUMP includes in its curriculum the following enrichment activities:

  • Music Classes
  • Environmental Awareness (gardening, composting, recycling, nature walks)
  • Puppet Shows
  • Walking Field Trips (Coker Arboretum, Ackland Art Museum, Morehead Planetarium, Post Office, Fire Station, Historic Carolina Inn’s Annual Display of Gingerbread Houses


UUMP children and families look forward to the following annual Special Events:

  • School Spirit Days
  • Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Puppet Show
  • Halloween Costume Parade and Carnival
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Family Christmas Sing-Along
  • Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Puppet Show
  • Beach Day